Tuesday, August 09, 2011


 London is one of my favorite places. I go there almost every year. I was there a month ago. The riots in London and other UK cities, have made me very angry. I am utterly disgusted with the rioters. They must be stopped. paris seems to have these barbecues of cars quite frequently. This must not be allowed to continue. Melanie Philips writes about the chickens coming home to roost. All those who are involved in such violence must be have all their benefits cut and be deported if not citizens. Long custodial sentences must be the rule

Nick Wood: Britain's teenage rioters know the nasty party is long dead

Nick Wood is former Head of Communications for the Conservative Party and now runs Media Intelligence Partners.

Nearly a decade ago Theresa May chided the Conservative Party for being the "nasty party", thereby encapsulating a long-running power struggle between modernisers and traditionalists - or more simply Left and Right inside the party.

Mrs May won. The Tories, once seen as cruel but efficient but more latterly (pace John Major) feeble and inefficient, eventually bought her argument that the clue to electoral recovery lay in niceness.

David Cameron, who limped to power on the strength of his hoodie and husky hugging, embodied the switch from nastiness to nice - or more specifically to cool, modern (think of the Converse trainers and the barefoot Rasputin Steve Hilton), and above all liberal.

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