Wednesday, August 31, 2011

libby for dipper leader!!

Showing her amazing political smarts, libby davies proposed to allow recently arrived immigrants full pensions. She was obviously schooled by that other giant of political thought ruby dhalla. The party must have had a quick chat with the genius libby and voaila, the motion is withdrawn. libby needs to be leader so her amazing politics can go forward without reality interfering. Life is but a dream for the dippers.

The federal NDP has moved quickly to sweep a controversial motion by one of its possible leadership contenders out of the public eye.

Vancouver MP Libby Davies tabled a motion in the House of Commons in June calling for the elimination of the 10-year residency period to qualify for Old Age Security (OAS) benefits.

That would've opened up the program to new immigrants who'd barely contributed to the program through their taxes.

One day after a QMI Agency report, NDP pension critic Wayne Marston confirmed it would be withdrawn because Davies introduced it "in error."

"How the whole thing has occurred seems to be off track," Marston said.

He suggested Davies' office was confused about reviving private member's bills sponsored by MPs defeated in May's federal election.

Former Liberal MP Ruby Dhalla had introduced a bill in 2009 to reduce the residency period from 10 years to three to qualify for OAS.

While the NDP supported that failed bill, Marston says things are different now.

"There's nothing in the works at this point to do this at all," he explained.

Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro still slammed the NDP.

"This is a clear example that the NDP is not fit to govern," he said in Toronto.

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Jen said...

Jen said...
It is a bit late now don't you think Dr. Roy in re to Libby Davies wild ideas of hers. Look where they Ndp, are sitting in the HOC, surely the msm think that the NDP are doing something good that do not need scrutinizing.

How many times have you seen and heard the reporters report on the NDP? Had the reporters done their jobs as they are supposed too; the NDP would not have seen daylight in HM Loyal Opposition. Instead, the media was more focus on the conservatives every movement to not have notice who or what was creepy past by them.

And now, we are faced with the NDP for the next four years.
BTW, do the media know what Elizabeth May is up or are they too dam stupid not to notice as they were and still are with the NDP.

Besides, whatever Libby says or does the msm can't do anything without first tackling the Liberals on their mess.Only the SNN are doing the job the while the others are in limbo.

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