Monday, August 29, 2011


Cross Country Checkup did a show on leadership. I called in listen here at 00:17:40.


Jen said...

Dr. Roy, when I hear Americans say " take our president OBAMA and give us your PM HARPER to help our country USA." is enough to tell me that PM Harper is doing a good job.

Jack Layton was a charmer he knew how to use his charms to perfection but he lived high and charged the little guy double rent (one for him and one for his wife)while both lived in the same house.

The last budget had items requested by Layton but was voted down by him, his party, the libs and the bloc.Yet he and the NDP repeated the same items during their campaign which he and his voted down in the first place .

Anonymous said...

Hey what happened to my comment? i typed in the word presented to me does it mean you don't like what I posted?

Roy Eappen said...

Think it was caught in the spam filter

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