Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Larry on the left

I usually don't agree very often with larry, but I think he has a point. It maybe why some on the left are more angry than sad. I don't think one of my friends on the right wanted Jack to die, but I have seen tweets wishing HM PM Harper would have died instead. I hope this is just grief talking, but I fear that it is more than that. I know Jack would have been disgusted by such sentiments.

Layton’s death a devastating blow to the left
From Tuesday's Globe and Mail
Published Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2011 2:00AM EDT

Jack Layton was the left’s great hope. The great hope is gone and the timing for the country’s social democrats could hardly be worse.

For a country channelling swiftly in a Conservative direction, Mr. Layton’s was the one big voice on the other side that was heard, that was respected, that had the potential of slowing and maybe even reversing the tide.

Jack Layton was the little guy’s politician, a rock-hard champion of the underdog and social justice. He was to the New Democratic Party what Jean Chr├ętien, particularly in his earlier incarnation, was to the Liberal Party. The departure of Mr. Chr├ętien left the Liberals without an anchor, and the passing of Mr. Layton could well do the same to the NDP.


Anonymous said...

have you read the comments about Jack's passing at SDA? how about at Halls of Macadamia?


Alberta Girl said...

Doesn't excuse the tweets wishing it had been Stephen Harper. I guess Jack's wish for "love" meant the other guy?

been around the block said...

Anonymous, you'll notice, I hope, that the comments section was shut down when negative comments got out of hand -- and that there'd been a warning.

What's disturbing, however, is the number of people who think that legitimate criticism of Jack Layton is not allowed. I asked, for instance, about the disparity between his reputation for being concerned about "the little guy" and "the hard-working Canadian family" and his and Olivia's charging the Canadian taxpayers last year with expenses over $1-million.

That's legitimate criticism -- and not nasty -- whereas wishing that Prime Minister Harper had died or that he get cancer and suffer is completely different.

Anonymous said...
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