Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jason tells it like it is!

HM Minister of Citzenship Jason Kenney is one of my favorite people. He is smart and fearless. It is great to see Jason take on amnesty international. Amnesty has decided to forget political prisoners in regimes like Cuba and concentrate on Canada. I used to support amnesty, now I think of them as a leftist front organization.

Jason Kenney strikes back
Paul Wells on why the immigration minister waded into a fight with Amnesty over war criminals, and was in the right

Some stories are so odd nobody knows how to handle them. I don’t know how else to explain why Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s extraordinary public feud with Amnesty International has attracted so little coverage.

Here’s a senior Conservative minister departing from the Conservatives’ normal bland talking points and unleashing a written broadside against a critic. And Kenney’s sparring partner wasn’t a predictable target. It was the Canadian branch of Amnesty, one of the most revered human rights organizations in the world. But that didn’t stop the minister from calling Amnesty’s concerns “poppycock,” “sloppy and irresponsible” and “self-congratulatory moral preening.”

Here’s what the fuss was about: last month, Kenney and Public Safety Minister Vic Toews released the names and photos of 30 fugitives who’d evaded immigration authorities since being found inadmissible because they’re believed to be complicit in genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes. In short, the ministers were asking the public to help track down fleeing war crimes suspects. The public has stepped up: since the ministers’ announcements, six of the 30 men have been apprehended and three of those six deported.

Amnesty’s two Canadian heads, Alex Neve and Béatrice Vaugrante, wrote Kenney and Toews to “express their concern” about all this. Deporting the men—simply kicking them out of the country—“fails to ensure that such individuals will in fact face justice,” they wrote. “All the deportation guarantees is that the person concerned will be removed from Canada.” What’s worse, the deportees might face “torture, extrajudicial execution or enforced disappearance” if they went home. Finally, Neve and Vaugrante worried about “the fact that these individuals’ faces and names have been so widely publicized,” which could do them “reputational harm.”

Too bad, Kenney replied. Dripping with sarcasm, his letter wondered whether the despots in Iran and North Korea have so thoroughly cleaned up their acts that Amnesty has nobody left to criticize. Why is the NGO “squandering the moral authority accrued” in its campaigns against real tyrants, he wondered, and instead “targeting one of the most generous immigration systems in the world”?

The deportation orders against the 30 fugitives were issued “after formal proceedings during which these men had the right to be represented by counsel,” he wrote. There’s no way Canada could “conduct full-blown trials, at the cost of millions of taxpayer dollars, to prosecute every inadmissible individual for crimes committed in distant countries, often decades ago.” The government’s first duty is to ensure that these people can’t find a cozy haven in Canada. “Your calls for more time, more process, more deference and more protection for war criminals and serious human rights violators . . . come across as self-congratulatory moral preening,” Kenney concluded.

Neve and Vaugrante wrote another letter to Kenney, repeating the concerns raised in their first, a little more delicately this time. But Kenney had left his mark....


Anonymous said...

I agree, Amesty International Canada as well as other groups have, over the past few years, have gone completely 'over the top' with their accusations and lost their moral right to complain, funny how they are more vocal on Canada only since the conservatives came to power...
I used to be a supporter of AI, giving money and time in the past for their cause, but that ended, and this story (when I saw it on Thursday) was the last straw, got me so mad I e-mailed them to get removed from their mailing list.

Anonymous said...

AI - Just another bunch of slugs that are basically useless on their best day.
Good Show Jason Kenney.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Time for the CRA to review every one of these Bogus Charities that are so hard-up for finding War-crimes to bitch about that they must bash canada for legally Deporting that War-criminals that A.I. failed to stop when this thugs operated outside of canada.
The World must be so utopic now that all the Human Rights violations and now done on candian not giving Air Conditioning and cable-TV to all people on Welfare. Or, building a Hospital within 2 minutes of any dwelling or give evry person a House and car along with a Cradle-2-grave Income .

If Alexe Neve did his job there would not be War-criminals fleeing to canada along with the Refugees they created. But A.I. had helped Maher Arar in his bogus lawsuit for $400 million dollars to allege "Torture" (still not proven)
that was canada's fault even though
Arar told the CBC in 2003 that JORDAN was the first lawsuit for alleged harm for 14 days prior to his Military trial in Syria as a draft-dodger.
We now know that CAIR and Sheema Khan aided the Arar's too, and CAIR is not tied to funding hamas and global terrorism via Jihad, this eveidence was exposed in 2007 AFTER Arar's denial of ties to Jihad and Al-Qaeda.
Isn't it funny that when Omar Khadr fingered Arar as being in an Al-Qeada camp in Afghan, Arar denied it called his muslim brother a liar. But Arar had a gun permit just after he came to cnada, he had a 2nd home in Boston near a 9/11 airport , he went to a Al-Qeada friendly Mosque in Boston, and he knew the Terrorist Momin Muhammed Khawaja in Ottawa that went to his mosque there.

Oh how the big lies come back to bite the islamic Supremacy thugs using Taqqiyah on candians. Maher Arar was NEVER found innocent because the inquiry set-up by CAIR and Alex Neve did not ask for it to be a Trial to prove guilt, it was a Jihad Lawfare scam by Muslims to ask for a huge amount of money ( $400'000'000.00) andthen wait for the Government to agree to to extortion and offer a lesser about ($10'400'000.00) .

It was a scam, imagine a lawsuit for $4000.00 for alleged harm at a store....and just befor a Judge rules on the lawsuit you tell your Lawyer to settle for $104.00 out of Court.
The you write a book to back the big lie that the store was GUILTY because they paid the $104.00 as admission to the guilt.

Anonymous said...

Amnesty’s two Canadian heads, Alex Neve and Béatrice Vaugrante, wrote Kenney and Toews to “express their concern” about all this. Deporting the men—simply kicking them out of the country—“fails to ensure that such individuals will in fact face justice,” they wrote...

So...what? They want we should shoot them? I'm cool with that;)

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