Sunday, August 14, 2011

The hypocrite Suzuki

I have met Dr Willie Soon a number of times. He unlike the fruit fly expert and anti human david suzuki, is an actual climate scientist. suzuki is a professional hypocrite jetting all over the place to tell us not to use planes. Living in huge estates and sucking up corporate donations. I hope the car removes suziki's tax number and Dr Soon sues him for libel. suzuki should enjoy being sued into the stone age. That's how he proposes the rest of us live.

As the climate scare fizzles, Canada’s celebrity environmentalist resorts to ad hominem attacks

David Suzuki has never met, debated or even spoken with my colleague, scientist Willie Soon. But as more people dismiss Mr. Suzuki’s scare stories about global warming cataclysms, the more he has resorted to personal attacks against Mr. Soon and others who disagree with him.

Mr. Soon’s brilliant research into the sun’s role in climate change has helped make millions aware that carbon dioxide’s influence is far less than Mr. Suzuki wants them to think. In a recent column picked up by media outlets around North America, including Huffington Post, Mr. Suzuki attacked Mr. Soon, my fellow scientist, mostly by recycling a Greenpeace “investigation” that is itself nothing more than a rehash of tiresome (and libelous) misstatements, red herrings and outright lies. It’s time to set the record straight.

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Anonymous said...

Good post! The ever outraged Suzuki who rages about folks living in "larger homes than their Grandparents" while he has multiple mansions. Hypocrite indeed!
I have several 90-91 harrowsmith magazines which featured little Davy, he said then we must act or face armageddon in 10 years.
I guess he was wrong...again.
He boasted of living in Van with his (second) family and commuting by Jet to TO because he did not want his kids exposed to the pollution back east.
Did not seem to bother him too much to use a jet to commute I guess when you are "super elite".
I would love to see him actually run for office or at least lose his charitable status.
Cheers Bubba

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