Monday, August 15, 2011

HM Government needs to cut more and faster

I am glad tosee announcements of cuts at Fisheries , Public works and environment Canada.
I hope to see many more cuts at many more ministries. There are entire departments that should be eliminated like the useless staus of women.
These early cuts are a good beginnig, but we need to reduce the size of the bloated nanny state by at least 25%.


Anonymous said...

They need to reduce Quebec's very generous $8 billion annual transfer payment; stop the $1.1 billion to the CBC and get rid of the Language Police Commissioner and his entire dept; privatize the postal service; make cuts to Revenue Canada and Service Canada for starters

Anonymous said...

all governments all across this country, federal, provincial, municipal, city and towns could be reduced by 25%. will we do it, no. why? because canadians are mostly socialist and most get something from the government teat. we will continue sucking until the teat is dry. then we will wail and moan the we are entitled to our entitlements.

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