Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The healing power of Curry?

For met comfort food is Chicken Curry, sambar, Idly and almost all the dishes my mom makes. Apparently Curry can help in other ways.

Eating curry could offer new hope for sufferers of tennis elbow and other forms of tendinitis, says new research.
A key ingredient found in Indian curries blocks tendon inflammation in the joints, which causes pain and misery for thousands.
The discovery could eventually lead to the development of a remedy for a painful condition which is on the increase, according to an international team of researchers.
They have shown that curcumin, which gives the spice turmeric its trademark bright yellow colouring, can be used to suppress biological mechanisms that spark inflammation in tendon diseases.
In a paper due to be published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, researchers at The University of Nottingham and Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich described laboratory experiments that show the ingredient can switch off the inflammatory cell cycle involved.


don muntean said...

What no vegetarian recipes? India is MOST famous for that form of food.

don muntean said...

i was wrong the first one is!