Tuesday, August 30, 2011

the goreacle plays the race card

the goreacle is democrat. Martin Luther King was a member of the GOP. Yet we have the goreacle calling people like me, who question his global warming hysteria, racists.
the goreacle has long ago jumped the shark. His increasing irrelevance is the reason for his ever more hysterical attacks. He and his fellow chicken littles, are losing the scientific argument and the public is on to them. The goreacle is now a joke and everyone is laughing.

One day climate change skeptics will be seen in the same negative light as racists, or so says former Vice President Al Gore.

In an interview with former advertising executive and Climate Reality Project collaborator Alex Bogusky broadcast on UStream on Friday, Gore explained that in order for climate change alarmists to succeed, they must “win the conversation” against those who deny there is a crisis.


potato said...

You know, if one looks at the definition of a bigot, it is far more appropriate description of Gore than it is of the "deniers". In fact, just the adoption of the repugnant term "denier" to describe sceptics is itself a clear indication of the extreme bigotry of the AGW cult.

Dennis K said...

And then again the Climate crowd my be viewed as having been terrorists in the future

Anonymous said...

Racist? Uhh excuse me but whose father voted against the 60s civil rights legislation? Right.. a certain Al Gore Sr.

This weasel belongs in jail.

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