Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Good Riddance

Gilles duceppe seems to have quit the CBC. Too bad the Canadian taxpayer can' t fire the CBC.

Gilles Duceppe's stint in public broadcasting may have been controversial, but it was spectacularly brief.

In fact, the former Bloc Quebecois leader never actually made it onto the airwaves.

Less than two days after it was announced that Duceppe would make appearances once a week on a radio program with the French-language CBC, it has been announced that the deal is off.

The reason for the falling out is an apparent misunderstanding over the terms of Duceppe's contract.

The former Bloc leader always intended to focus on lifestyle and social issues -- but, according to a statement from Radio-Canada, he did want the chance to discuss politics once in awhile.


Anonymous said...

Simply - Wonderful.
Duceppe is chopped liver.

Jen said...

Not for long Anonymous. CBC will find s sneaky way of returning Duceppe into their fold.

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