Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Gilles Duceppe can't stop working for the Federal Government

Gilles Duceppe has worked for the federal government for the last twenty years. he has $140000 a year federal pension. He just like most separatists can't stop sucking on the federal teat. I have always said radio Canad is full of separatists. Well they have hired yet another separatist. Yet another reason to sell the CBC. Why are we subsidizing separatists? Was this supposed to bring more balance to the state broadcaster. Duceppe is a marxist and a separatist.


Anonymous said...

my how the CBC loves to bite the hand that feeds them (at 1 billion+ per year) - one hopes this might be the straw that breaks the camel's back, and we may defund this grotesque, incestuous leftist joke

melvin said...

You can read my take on this at www.okanagancomment.ca/media watch.
What I don't understand is why our Government doesn't set some fundamental rules for any organization we subsidize? There is nothing wrong and everything right to have a basic creed for those who want our tax dollars.
First and foremost would be to not do anything to support separatists activity.

Sean M said...

I think it's common knowledge that the CBC is infested with Separatists and Canada haters, so the hiring of an unhinged lunatic like Duceppe doesn't surprise me one bit. Continuing to force the taxpayer to support the ideological extremes of the lefty, Canada hating CBC is nothing short of extortion, and sickeningly grotesque

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