Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fleeing species?

I heard on cbc that there was a new saying that species were moving because of global warming. Even the war mists know that global warming has not really happened in the last 15 years. Interestingly the source of this "news" story is pretty dubious.

In early 2004 Nature, a respected science journal, ran a cover story titled Feeling the Heat: biodiversity losses due to global warming. As one critic would later observe:
It is rare for a scientific paper to be the lead item on the evening news, or to fill the front pages of our national newspapers, but [that particular study] received exceptional worldwide media attention.
The lead author was named Chris D. Thomas. Now he’s back in the news – this time for a paper published in Science whose very own press release begins:
Many different species of plants and animals have been moving higher in elevation and farther away from the equator to escape the Earth’s warming climate.
Once more, the media is all over the story – and the headlines are nothing if not dramatic. The BBC declares that species are fleeing a warm climate faster than previously thought. Time magazine tells us that climate change is turning plants and animals into refugees. CNN asserts that animals are being driven to higher ground by warmth. (Lots more news stories may be seen here.)


Surecure said...

Funny thing... WattsUpWithThat posted a whole article on this only a few days ago.

Turns out the scientist running with this is just like so many out there just taking an idea, seeing a little bit of data that fits slightly into their hypothesis and then claiming it as hard research.

And yet this guy has been doing such hit and miss nonsense for quite a while:°c-temperature-rise-in-last-century/

Anonymous said...

as species i have been fleeing to warmer weather every year. be nice if i could be warm here at home without spending thousands of dollars for hydro and gas.

Anonymous said...

You're an uninformed fool. Let me give you one dramatic example of a spices that is moving in. The pine beetle has destroyed thousands of squre miles of pine in BC and Alberta over the past 4 years. The winter weather used to be cold enough to kill them. A change of a few degrees has allowed them to thrive. Now they threaten the lumber industry which is worth billions of dollars. The problem of climate change has been acknowledged by Premier Stelmack an Ralph Klein. I realize both of these men are well known commies and that you will proceed to trash their reputation in order to preserve your uninformed silly narrative. But, the truth is that the pine beetle is destroying a huge amount of forest.

Sixth Estate said...

I think this is a fairly well documented phenomenon. You just have to look past the "head for the hills" theme the media is putting on this to note that this is an incremental process, not a panicked migration.

We have our own anecdotal equivalents in Canada -- various changes in animal ranges in the north made possible by climate changes.

Dollops said...

The pine beetle is just another of nature's little cleaner-uppers. It is always around just waiting for conditions to be right for it to go epidemic. The infestation may be "devastating" to us but to nature it is just business as usual.

Frances said...

I wonder how many of these species fled south during the 'little ice age' and are actually returning to lands they inhabited 1000 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Dollops, you a a clown. You must be very disappointed that the communist governments in Alberta and BC are spending $100 million dollars trying to counteract natures cleaner uppers. Climate change and the pine beetle are threatening to destroy thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of timber. If the winters were cold enough, as they were for several hundred years, then the pine beetle would not be expanding it's habitat. As the forests die so goes the habitat of thousands of animals.

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