Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Ezra interviews Mark Steyn

An amazing interview by Ezra on Mark's new book. Thank you BCF. Thank God for these champions of freeodm!
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Anonymous said...

I've been fighting a Big Bank over the wrongful dismissal of me because I was injured on the job but once i tried to return I was given a 9 day notice to find a job within the Bank or arrange Severance. I was there 20 years and THEY cause my injury.
Today I am broke and in debt, and I just found out the barbara Hall is close to my Bank for Human Rights. My HRTO complaint has been dragged out for over a year as i go broke .
Hall has pushed me to suicide because I'v lost everything and will be homeless to about 3 weeks.
I did not know that the HRTO suspends my Charter Rights during the Process because the Lawyers for the BANK did a smear campaign on me going back to 2001.
I was suffering a minor disability but the Respondant produced a huge file so large it would take a year to answer all the Banks lies. The file is mail by normal ground method and I only had 14 days to do 200 days work.
I will be dead in about 2 weeks because the Bank wore me down and Hall is on the side of the Bank.

been around the block said...

Cross-posted at BCF:

What a duo!

As usual, in Canada, the great ones are unsung -- as Steyn said, neither of them will be getting the Order of Canada, but Commissar Lynch will (I first wrote Lunch: Freudian Slip!!!) -- but with SunTV, Blazing Cat Fur, SDA, etc., thank God that's changing. [I should have added Dr. Roy's Thoughts! You're sure doing your share.]

I was surprised that there was very little mention of the damaging demographic happening here, like in Europe, but I guess that's been done, both Ezra and Mark have been there, done that. However, things have really heated up in Canada since America Alone.

I loved Mark's passion at the end. He's right. We'd better get a little heated up and start to take things head-on, as individuals, and not always expect someone else to do the dirty work. We'd better start fighting our own battles -- because no one else is going to.

We know that now.

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