Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Congratulations Ezra!!

Ezra's book Shakedown has been voted the best Canadian political book of the last 285 years! Canadians do care about the erosion of our fundamental rights by the thought police of the HRC. It is time to abolish section 13.1 of the HRC act. Indeed getting rid of the arcs altogether would be a blow for freedom. I am enormously proud of my friend Ezra for not backing down in his fight against theses mindless bureaucrats who do persecution on demand. Thank you Ezra!! Buy the book!! Tell your friends! Tell your
MP and Senator that you want action against the HRC thought police!!!
Canadians have chosen Ezra Levant's Shakedown in an online poll as the best political book of the past 25 years.

The online contest was put on by the Writers’ Trust of Canada and Samara, which promotes democracy and participation in public life, to let voters nominate and choose their favourite recent politics books.

Online voters chose Levant's book Shakedown: How Our Government is Undermining Democracy in the Name of Human Rights, which was published in 2009. Shakedown looks at how government-appointed human rights bodies have strayed from the noble purpose for which they were created.

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The vote means nothing. As you know, KKKKate manipulates the entire process with her legion of unwed basement dwelling men AKA as her readers.

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