Sunday, August 28, 2011

Burned Bridges and Quebec

An interesting editorial in the Montreal Gazette. I think it is good that the federal government doesn't spend all of its time pandering to Quebec. Quebeckers need to reengage with Canada. It is also up to the Tory party to bring Quebec back into the Big Blue Tent.

Quebecers may have burned a political bridge


On May 2, Canada went to the polls. Quebec went wholeheartedly New Democratic Party. The rest of the country voted into power a majority Conservative government.

Like people everywhere, Quebecers voted the way they did because they believed it served their interests.

But there is inevitably a danger in staying on the fringes of power, and now that risk seems to be slowly taking shape.

Nearly four months after Quebec helped the NDP to a record number of seats in Parliament - 103 - this province does not seem to be enjoying any favours from the Harper government. Instead: It looks like the Champlain Bridge, a feder-al responsibility, might be left to Quebec and Montreal to patch together for as long as they can.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I think its time that the ROC separated from Quebec.

maryT said...

They voted Jack to get the coalition into power with Jack as PM. In 5 yrs we will see if they still vote ndp, or if a lot of those MPs cross the floor to sit with the Bloc, their real party. The ndp has a lot less power now than it did on May 1st, and now their leader is dead.

Alain said...

No, it is up to Quebecers to decide if they want to function as Canadians and place the welfare of the nation above their parochial interests. No federal party has ever excluded them; they chose their own exclusion and isolation. If we ever have true representation based on population, they will be forced to choose.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing sweeter than the sound of Quebec growing less and less relevant in the decisions of the day. Maybe this country can, finally, live up to its potential without exhausting all of its energy pandering to the squabbling brats of Confederation. This article may be part of a growing body of evidence that Quebec, having abused the good nature and hospitality of the RoC, is starting to get a worried look on its face. As far as I'm concerned, it looks good on them.

fernstalbert said...

Just read an article about a Montreal BLOC MP who is mostly concerned about speeding in residential neighbourhoods and noise violations in her riding. Really say national politics. Irrelevant on a pathetic scale. Cheers.

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