Saturday, August 13, 2011

BBC fights to hide its bias against Israel

The bbc, just like the cbc doesn't want to be open and transparent. I hope Mr Sugar's widow wins the fight to reveal bbc bias against Israel

The BBC has spent more than £270,000 on legal fees to prevent the public from seeing the report, written in 2004 by Malcolm Balen, a senior journalist, for Richard Sambrook, then BBC director of news. But a defeat for the BBC could cost the corporation even more because it could weaken its ability to deny requests made under the Freedom of Information Act.
Mr Sugar lost at the Information Tribunal, the High Court and the Court of Appeal, but his legal team - who have waived their fees - are hopeful of success in the Supreme Court.
Mrs Paveley said: “I used to tease Steven about his obsession with fighting this so I think he would have a wry smile that I’m carrying it on, but I couldn’t let it drop.”
Mr Sugar, a solicitor, first asked the BBC to publish the Balen Report in 2005 under the Freedom of Information Act and refused to accept the BBC’s argument that it was outside the Act’s scope.
The corporation successfully argued in the past that the report should not be released because it was held for “the purposes of journalism, art or literature” and, as such, was exempt. It was commissioned to analyse the BBC’s coverage of Middle East issues and make recommendations for improvement.


Alain said...

Considering how blatant the bias against Israel is with the BBC and all the Left, try as they might they cannot hide it.

Alain said...

Off the topic but for some reason it is impossible to sign the petition to put property rights in the Charter. Everytime I click submit, I get "oops, try again" no matter how many times I try. What gives?

Alain said...

Please ignore the above comment, for I finally was able to sign the petition.

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