Thursday, August 25, 2011

amnesty international whines some more

I left this comment at the Ottawa Citizen article by an amnesty top whiner:I long ago stopped supporting your organization. You have become an organ of the left, not a voice for the wrongfully imprisoned or persecuted. Most Canadians are happy to see these thugs thrown out of the Great Dominion. Like the UN who allows monsters to be on their human rights councils, your organization attacks Canada and increasingly ignores the plight of real victims of human rights abuses.
You and your organization have made yourselves an irrelevance.


maryT said...

The remains of around 3000 that disappeared in the Kashmir/India have just been discovered. Where is AI on this. Didn't those corpses have rights.
First, I want our government and our citizen to follow Canadian law, not some law put in place by a bunch of dictators at the UN.
I also agree with giving the illegals 2000.00 to get them out of Canada, much cheaper than years of income for some lawyers.

been around the block said...

'Good letter, Dr. Roy.

Amnesty International, as you say, is totally irrelevant now. Like too many police officers, they find it easier to go after law-abiding folks/countries because to take on the true thugs and criminals is either too dangerous or too politically incorrect. Frankly, I think being politically incorrect concerns them more than danger.

Amnesty International is a disgrace. Next time I see them soliciting funds on the street, I think I'll stop and have a chat with them.

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