Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Allow More private healthcare

Another CMA survey shows great dissatisfaction with our very expensive healthcare system. We cannot afford large new spending on dental care, pharmacare etc. We should encourage people to buy private health insurance and allow more private care. Throwing more and more money at this problem has not been useful. It is basically a bottomless pit. We need to decide what is essential and outsource the rest. The Canada Health act actually diminishes new ideas. The provinces should be allowed to experiment with alternate arrangements without being punished. Health is a provincial matter under our constitution. The Tories need to ignore the canada Health act
“The debate seems to be less about public versus private funding than about how the public sector could work effectively with the private sector to create a better, more efficient health care system,” says the report.

There was a general agreement that the principles of the Canada Health act need to be preserved and protected but many participants said it should be expanded to include such things as pharmacare, dental care, eye care, long-term care, home care, alternative medicine and hospice care.


oxygentax said...

How about it be retracted to exclude diagnostic procedures?

maryT said...

First start to reduce costs would be to de-insure some procedures. First on my list, sex change operations, then abortions for someone wanting more than one, and then, plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons, not medical ones. There are others that should be cancelled also.
And frivolous lawsuits for leaving a scar, and other reasons should be stopped. Poor lawyer might have to practice real law instead of ambulance chasing.

Anonymous said...

The real problem is universal insurance, it is a government monopoly on healthcare DELIVERY.

That is where we need competition and alternatives.

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