Sunday, August 28, 2011


This is pretty ridiculous. I guess next you can get your degree out of a cracker jack box. If I were an alumni from the university of manitoba, I would be pretty angry.
The University of Manitoba said it is reviewing its policy on how to accommodate students with disabilities despite winning a victory in court this week over a controversial decision to grant a PhD to a student who failed his courses due to “extreme exam anxiety.”

Gábor Lukács, a former child math prodigy who started university at age 12 and was a professor by age 24, sued the university over its decision to grant the student, identified only in court documents as A.Z., a PhD in math although he had twice failed his comprehensive exams and was missing a graduate course.

Thursday, Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Deborah McCawley rejected Mr. Lukács request that the court intervene and rescind the degree, saying he didn’t have standing to take the case to court.

The university had defended its decision, saying it was legally required to accommodate a student’s disability, in this case, exam anxiety.


Dennis K said...

Does anyone want to have a doctor that was granted his degree even though he could not pass the anatomy exam due to extreme exam anxiety perform brain surgery on them?

maryT said...

What an insult to those with real disabilities. I thought accomadation meant, w/chair ramps, visual aids, etc. and perhaps extra time to write exams and classroom aids.
Tell me one student that doesn't have anxiety when doing an exam.

Patsplace said...

There are no winners or losers, everyone is equal, there is nothing to strive for....listen to the sound of my voice:

Frances said...

At least it's just a math PhD, not a 'real' doctor's degree where failure to learn could cost lives. Wonder what the semi-PhD is doing now?

Anonymous said...

francis, he or she is probably doing budget work for some government agency......old white guy.

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