Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What is next for HM PM Harper?

larry martin is truly upset that his beloved grits have been tossed into the dust bin of Canadian history. He claims that the Tories have already accomplished everything they wanted to. larry throws in a gratuitous insult to the Crown. How little the left understands of our history and institutions. larry is of course completely wrong. There is much work to do to return the Great Dominion back to its roots of liberty and small government. We must rid ourselves of the the hrc thought police. Section 13.1 must be abolished. I would prefer that the hrcs be altogether abolished. We need a flat tax. We need to reduce the size of the federal government by at least 25%. We need to allow provinces to assume their rightful places in our federation. HM Government must respect the constitution and return tax points to the provinces. We must continue to rebuild our military. We must encourage free trade around the world. We must stand by our allies. We need to cut back the welfare state and allow Canadians to breathe free. We must reverse much of what was done by pearson and trudeau. There is much work to do.

But given the scale of his victory, how could anyone not expect the boasts and bombast? As for the country moving in a conservative direction, who can doubt it? There’s the new lock-’em-up law-and-order mentality, there’s the glorification of the military. On foreign policy, the country has sped from the image of peacemaker to one of the hawks of the Western world. One of our major roles now, the PM said recently, will be that of warrior – “courageous warrior.”

But the people seem to be feeling fine under the Conservative banner. On Canada Day, the crowds were unprecedented in size, honouring our monarchic tradition, cheering on the newlywed Royals, showing hero worship for non-heroes.

In the case of the Prime Minister, it’s hard to avoid arrogance when you have just had your lifelong ambition realized. Mr. Harper’s ambition was to see the Liberals replaced by the Conservatives as Canada’s national party. This superseded any policy objective. In the election, with the brutal Liberal collapse, it happened.

That creates what might be called a nice problem for the Prime Minister. Having already achieved his principal political mission in life, what does he do now? The vanquishing of the Grits was supposed to take much longer. The Harper strategy, we recall, was one of incrementalism.

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