Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The useless un

In the bizarro world of the un and the left, north korea is an appropriate chairman of a disarmament conference. I am glad HM Canadian Government has chose to call bs! let the dippers and the grits hang out with their political ideological compatriots the north koreans. Most Canadians are not interested in dealing with a thuggish, murderous, communist regime like north korea. I know trudeau would have rejoiced to so one his communist friends "flourishing", but this is no longer the Canada that celebrates communist dictatorships and bashes its allies in the Anglosphere. The grits and the dippers really should merge. They could go on a fact finding tour of north korea to find more policies for their platform.
OTTAWA — Critics are up in arms about Canada's decision to boycott the United Nations Conference on Disarmament so long as North Korea is leading it.

The boycott, officially announced Monday by Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, is little more than "grandstanding," NDP foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar said.

He questioned whether the measure would actually achieve anything and suggested the fact no other countries have followed Canada's lead may be telling.

"What is the agenda?" he asked.

"Is it going to force change in the UN process? Is it going to bring North Korea on side with nuclear disarmament? I think it's more about grandstanding than actually getting results."

Baird could have put forward an alternative process, Dewar said, adding when it comes to arms reduction, Canada could also "lead by example" and finally ratify the UN Convention on Cluster Munitions which it signed in 2008.

Liberal foreign affairs critic Dominic LeBlanc added that withdrawing from the conference represents a "missed opportunity" for Canada to positively influence discussions surrounding disarmament.

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