Saturday, July 23, 2011

suzuki a grit hack

Why does the suzuki foundation have charitable status? david suzuki runs around bashing Tories and endorsing grits. That seems to be a clear violation of charitable status rules. suzuki, the green hyopcrite, has all but said vote for dalton mcliar. Does the cra know about this? Or has grit hyopcrite
suzuki totally distanced himself from his registered charity?
David Suzuki, Canada’s most famous environmentalist, is urging Ontarians to re-elect Premier Dalton McGuinty this fall to save the Liberals’ “groundbreaking” green energy policies.

In an exclusive interview with the Star, Suzuki made a rare foray into partisan politics, warning it is “absolute insanity” for Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak to want to scrap wind and solar power initiatives that the Tories claim are too expensive.

“I don’t get it, because it’s a job creator — I would have thought that the Conservatives would be banging away at the need to create jobs,” the host of CBC’s The Nature of Things said during a stroll with McGuinty in Stanley Park on Wednesday.

“Ontario right now is a leader in North America. Why would anybody come in and throw that out the window? It doesn’t make any sense.”

Suzuki expressed concern at Hudak’s pledge to kill the “feed-in tariff” subsidy program that promotes green electricity generation by enabling farmers and other producers to sell hydro, wind, and solar power to the grid.

The Tories, who lead in public-opinion polls, blame McGuinty’s Green Energy Act and the 13 per cent harmonized sales tax for rising hydro bills


Winston said...

He is a socialist hack

Anonymous said...

New Zealand recently removed Greenpeace's status as a charity when their court ruled it's a political advocacy group.

When will the Canadian government begin separating the wheat from the NGO/NFP chaff - a good start would be with the Tides Foundation, Sierra Club, Pembina Institute, Greenpeace, Ontario Trilium Foundation, David Suzuki Foundation, and their ilk.

The time has come for all good men, to demand action from their party - the sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

What kind of an environmentalist is David Suzuki? He is endorsing the man responsible for putting wind turbines on major bird migration routes, north of Point Pelee and on Wolfe Island. Obviously this is one environmentalist who thinks killing birds is just so much collateral damage. I guess Suzuki figures saving wildlife doesn't bring in enough money for himself.

Anonymous said...

Curious Gustav said...
Check out the BBC pension fund and the $12.5 billion they've staked in climate change investments - no wonder BBC brass are loathe to allow AGW skeptics on their shows.

Deprogramming our deluded children is the only way to knock Moe and Suzuki's Gaia religion out of their grey cells. Be prepared for a few F's on their report cards...

Martin said...

Just how many wind turbines does Suzuki have on his ocean property?
That's right, as Many as Dalton McGuinty has in his Ottawa riding. Placemant of industrial turbines are for the little people, without influence or political clout, not their urban betters.

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