Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Sun agrees with me

The Sun also notices that hypocrite suzuki and his "charity" is probably in violation of car regulations on partisan involvement.

The rules at the Canada Revenue Agency seem clear.

A registered charity "cannot be involved in partisan political activities."

Unless, apparently, you're David Suzuki and the David Suzuki Foundation.

Here's how the CRA defines what's prohibited:

"A political activity is considered partisan if it involves direct or indirect support of, or opposition to, a political party or candidate for public office."

Charities can promote the policies of political parties and candidates they agree with, but "must not directly or indirectly support the political party or candidate for public office."

On July 21, the Toronto Star reported Suzuki, in an interview, urged Ontarians to re-elect Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty on Oct. 6.

"I'm offering an endorsement of what Mr. McGuinty has done, absolutely" Suzuki said, describing the environmental polices of his Conservative rival, Tim Hudak, as "absolute insanity."

That's non-partisan?


Anonymous said...

That's non-partisan?

Of course it is. But try PROVING it with one of the biased, left wing judges in this country.

Suzuki would whine that he was not talking on behalf of the foundation but as an indivual even though that would be a complete lie.. "WHAT ABOUT MY RIGHTS!!!!????" "IT'S BECAUSE I'M JAPANESE ISN'T IT!!!??? YOU'RE ALL RAAAACCCCIIISSSSTTTTTSSSSS!"

Every scummy lawyer in the country (like there ARE any NON scummy lawyers) would be stampeding over each other to represent him (and sue for pain & suffering of course).

Suzuki is an asshole. He's lived all his life on the government tit or on the handouts from suckers to his questionable ....."charity".

And given Canada's nature he will continue to do so.

OddSox said...

II can just picture Elizabeth May's head exploding!

Anonymous said...

Will Suzuki Foundation go the Greenpeace route in losing charitable status?

dmorris said...

"The David Suzuki Foundation is being subjected to a third audit, and somewhat like the RCMP, Revenue Canada always gets their man."

Revenue Canada is far more tenacious than the RCMP can afford to be,so Suzuki's beloved Foundation might be in trouble.

The Suzuki Foundation has taken several millions in donations from the Tides Foundation, a very political organization dedicated to shutting down the tar/oil sands.

RC should strengthen the rules for charities,and in the case of the SF,where it is clear that Suzuki represents the organization in the public's mind,and everything he says carries the weight of the Foundation, take away that precious tax haven.

I rarely cheer for Revenue Canada, but in this case.....worst of luck,Dr.Suzuki.

been around the block said...

David Suzuki is a disgrace -- as a scientist and as a partisan media commentator. His scientific "expertise" is fruit flies but he pretends to be an expert on climate change. His series, A Planet for the Taking, was full of inaccuracies -- but voiced over in his mellifluous tones, thousands upon thousands of Canadian school kids were taken in by his anti-Christian propaganda -- according to the bad doctor, Christians were responsible, dontcha know, for the Dark Ages.

He sells snake oil and is venomous in his attacks against any person or group that reveals his chicanery. Some of the members of his Board of Directors tell you much of what you need to know about his "charitable" Foundation:

David Suzuki
Tara Cullis (Suzuki's wife)
Severn Cullis-Suzuki (Suzuki's daughter)
David Miller
George Stroumboulopoulos (Huh? Oh, yeah, CBC connection)

Honourary Board Members include:

Margaret Atwood
Robert Bateman
Raffi Cavoukian
Wade Davis, PhD (author of The Serpent and the Rainbow, a book on Haitian voodoo)
Paul Ehrlich, PhD
Gordon Lightfoot
Mike Robinson ("I have worked hard at removing 'man' from the 'centre of all things' by putting him in his rightful place. Equally, among all living things.")
Gordon Roddick (wife founded The Body Shop)
Maurice Strong
E.O. Wilson, PhD

I Support Lord Black