Thursday, July 07, 2011

psac will no longer work to get Tories elected

I just arrived home from my holiday in London and Italy and I read the public sector workers union was going to wage a war against the Tories. Wow talk about playing into the hands of Tory strategists. This should energize the base. This is also should bring about laws to make unions more transparent and voluntary. Unions should also be limited on how they spend union dues. The members should have the right to opt out of this kind of activity. I must have missed all the effort psac made to elect Tories. Not sure why this is even news. I hope the Tories can help bring about right to work legislation and substantially decrease the civil service. I was not happy when I heard Tony Clement say he was going to cut things less dramatically than the grits. We need to take an ax to federal spending. Let's institute a flat tax and starve the government of cash. Let the Tories respect the BNA act and cut expenditures that should be provincial matters. We need less government!

Canadian federal workers will oppose any effort by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to cut government programs and restrict labor rights by staging a four-year campaign to defeat the governing Conservative Party, the head of the country’s largest public sector union said.
John Gordon, national president of the Public Service Alliance of Canada representing about 180,000 federal employees, said in a Bloomberg News interview that his union will become more “strategic” and rely less on strike action. One of its tactics will be to mount a public relations campaign against Conservative lawmakers, he said yesterday.
“We have to focus much more attention on the politics of it rather than action and the traditional labor way” such as strikes, Gordon said in an interview at Bloomberg’s offices in Ottawa. The “best outcome” would be a “labor-friendly” government following the next election, he said.
Harper’s government has made it “very clear” that its plan to find C$4 billion ($4.14 billion) in annual savings to balance the federal budget will mean some programs will be eliminated or scaled back, Gordon said. Harper’s decision last month to use back-to-work legislation to end stoppages at Air Canada, the country’s largest airline, and Canada Post also suggests the Conservatives will be “taking on” public-sector unions following their election victory in May, he said.


Anonymous said...

Right to work legislation runs against the grain of cutting costs. A "positive" right infringes somebody else's right. That is to say that if somebody has a right to work, somebody else is obligated to hire and that's wrong.

Roy Eappen said...

By right to work, I mean having the right to work and not joing a union.

Darren said...

Helpful Tory loyalists need to get their hands on the PSAC contract to expose those rich benefits and the stats that go with them. The Postal stats during the lock-out were revealing. I don't think the public is that sympathetic to PSAC either.

Anonymous said...

The unions will no longer work to elect Tories! Oh no! How ever will we survive without all those MOUNTAINS of support the unions have given us in the past? /sarcoff

I strongly support 'right to work' legislation. No union should ever have the power to prevent someone from going to work if they want to.

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