Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Poverty in Canada

Socialist simpson thinks there should be more government to make sure that the poor are looked after. He whines that wealthier Canadians continue to prosper. The huge amount of money governments have spent on eliminating poverty have had the opposite effect. The proud people of the Maritimes and Newfoundland have been quite negatively affected by the dole. LBJ's war on poverty in the US accomplished a permanent underclass. Our government programs have also separated the poor from the rest of us. We as individuals have a duty to help our porr friends and neighbours. Government programs sweep poor people under the rug. socialism does not work. Dependency of the state is a bad idea. Encouraging growth and jobs is the true way to defeat poverty. Look at the gains of industrialization in Capitalist countries and the horror of the communist countries of the world.

The poor, it is said, will always be with us. Yes, but how many poor must there be?

In Canada, there are too many poor people. The country that often likes to congratulate itself can’t take comfort from an inescapable fact: We’re becoming a more unequal society.

Legislative committees and think tanks sometimes work on poverty, but, for the general public, income inequalities are consigned to the dead-letter box in this apparently conservative age. Even the NDP, which takes poverty more seriously than the other parties, has taken to talking incessantly about the “middle class,” figuring that’s where the voters are and where the poor would rather be if they could.

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Anonymous said...

no matter how many times it is proven that taking money from those who produce and giving it to those do not,does not increase wealth, the socialists continue on the same old tired path in a effort to find utopia.