Friday, July 22, 2011

The Ongoing investigation into grit corruption

The Sponsorship scandal investigation continues. We may finally get to see some grit big wigs go to prison. Some more of the tens of millions the libranos stole may be returned.  So far of the big players have really been revealed. Which grit candidates got the brown bags of money to subvert a Canadian election. Elections did nothing about that. They are too busy persecuting the Tories to deal with actual grit criminality. Good news for Canada, that we may finally find out more about the grit lies and criminal acts, but bad news for any grit attempt to save their sinking party.

Key figure in sponsorship scandal set to become witness

The RCMP is closing in on its first major Liberal operative after a decade-long probe into the sponsorship program, as it nears cutting a deal with another player in the scandal to become a state witness and testify about millions in alleged political kickbacks, government sources said.

It is the bookend to a story that, until recently, The Globe and Mail has been prevented from investigating. Only after a winning a lengthy battle at the Supreme Court last year against Groupe Polygone could the newspaper continue to press on in the public interest. Polygone was attempting to force the newspaper to reveal the identity of a key source as part of its defence against a federal lawsuit aimed at recouping money the former Liberal government paid the firm. As part of its ruling, the top court struck down a contentious publication ban preventing The Globe from reporting on negotiations to settle the federal lawsuit.

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maddinosaur said...

Free speech is such an illusion in this county. The globe had to go to court to cover the corruption amazing. Bloody amazing.

Did the grits who got the money sit in the HOC? Are they still there?

Who pulled the strings I wonder.

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