Friday, July 15, 2011

Non partisan cic?

 I had been a member of the so called non partisan Canadian International Council. After the latest Harper bashing in their journal, I have dropped out. I was already somewhat dubious about this organization. Itseemed to take a pretty left wing view on foreign policy, but they claimed to me non partisan so I stayed. This latest article was too much. I quit the organization and I encourage any remaining conservatives to leave as well.

What is Stephen Harper Afraid of?
Roland Paris | July 14, 2011
Stephen Harper shared his views on international affairs with Maclean’s magazine last week, and it wasn’t a pretty picture. Harper’s world seems to be full of danger and struggle. In response to open-ended questions on foreign policy, he repeatedly came back to these themes. Most interestingly, he offered a Manichean vision of international relations as a struggle between good and bad, and of moral clarity as the greatest asset and most reliable guide to foreign policy.

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Anne in swON said...

Seeing the Demarais name and Power Corp. as supporters told me where CIC interests lie.

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