Saturday, July 30, 2011

Me Neither!

Lorne Gunter doesn't believe in the climate hoax. Increasingly, neither does anyone else.

Even NASA's James Hansen, the godfather of the modern global-warming alarmist school, has recently written that the recent lack of warming is the result of particulates from Chinese pollution reflecting energy back at the sun before it reaches Earth. The warming from CO 2 is still happening, according to Mr. Hansen, it's just being masked by sulphates and other pollutants from China.

Never give up on a theory that's made you famous (and in some cases rich). Should it become hard to maintain the theory in light of contradictory real-world evidence, simply make up unprovable excuses for why your hypothesis isn't coming true and stick with it.

The more likely explanation is that carbon dioxide simply isn't as capable of absorbing solar energy as first thought. According to Roy Spencer, the scientist who has run NASA's global weather satellites for over 30 years, the atmosphere releases more heat than we once believed. In a new study for an upcoming issue of the peer-reviewed journal Remote Sensing, Mr. Spencer demonstrates there is a "huge discrepancy" between how UN climate computers predict the atmosphere should handle CO 2 and heat and how the real atmosphere actually handles both.


The Mound of Sound said...

You're a piece of work. Yes the truth about global warming can be found in Lorne Gunter and the National Stain. Nobody believes in global warming - except for every single nation on the planet that signs off on the IPCC reports (that's all 192 of them) and the National Academies of Science of every OECD nation (but what do they know compared to you and Gunter?) and the endless ream of research reports and analysis that just keep flowing in from climate scientists, atmospheric scientists, hydrologists, geologists, botanists, zoologists,biologists epidemiologists, meteorologists, none of which either Grunter or you have ever bothered to learn of lest their overwhelming science contradict your self-delusion.

Alain said...

Actually Mound of Sound, you are a real piece of work, since you cling to science fiction rather than science. Fact: the only thing agreed on is climate change, be it warming or cooling is not known. Fact: Climate change has been taking place since the formation of the earth, long before the arrival of man.

To claim that we can prevent nature from doing what nature does is the height of arrogance and silliness. We are unable to prevent earthquakes or volcanos from erupting, but we want to claim we can stop the climate from changing. Better to focus on adapting to how ever the climate changes and on real polllution of the land, water and air, but then that would mean an end to this scam, which is a terrific gravy train for certain people.

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