Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The long gun registry

This useless and expensive boondoggle will soon be abolished. That is good news. Harassing law abiding Canadians should not be a function of the government. There are many other nanny state functions ( hrcs, wheat board etc) that should go, but this is a good beginning.
It will also be another opportunity to see if the dippers can hang together. The grits have very few rural mps left, so they will probably stay together on keeping their 2 billion dollar boondoggle.

The vote will be an early test of unity for Canada’s new official Opposition — the NDP — which wrangled with internal disagreement over the contentious issue when it was voted on as a private member’s bill in 2010.

Manitoba MP Candice Hoeppner, the Tory backbencher who introduced the failed private member’s bill last year, said earlier this week the government will kill the registry soon after Parliament resumes.

“Everyone knows it’s been part of our party’s policy for many years, and the prime minister committed to Canadians during the election we would scrap the long-gun registry,” she told Postmedia News. “We’re going to follow through on that commitment.”

“Canadians can expect to see it fairly early on in the fall,” she added. “It’s a priority for our government.”


Anonymous said...

Don't forget; There is a hint of racism in the registry and those who support it as well. Many Libs (and NDP'ers) argue that women and children in rural Canada need the registry to protect their lives and safety etc. However , they see no problem with denying that protection to women and children on the reserves since there is an exemption for them.

It is time to move on. It was about politics and nothing else. The sad part is that the $2B price tag could have poured tens of millions per year indefinatley into programs that wopuld have genuinely made a difference in peoples lives. The Libs chose not to do this. It is part of their legacy.

Anonymous said...

Shutting down the Long Gun Registry is just the beginning- Canadian firearms owners want a complete re-write of the disastrous Liberal Firearms Act. We'll get it, too: we're helped elect this gov't, we helped defeat the Liberal Public Safety critic Mark Holland, we are arguably the single largest group of CPC supporters, and we WILL have the injustices of C-68 removed.

dmorris said...

The NDP will have to fight this Bill with every trick in the Parliamentary book. Its a Quebec based Party now,and the LGR is an emotional issue with Montreal activists.
The Canadian Chief Cops also owe the Liberals for the pension donation by Chretien,so expect them to make it a life and death issue.

The safety and well being of rural Canadians is enhanced by their owning guns, wild animals frequent farms,and calling the SPCA to apprehend a bear or cougar isn't an option when you're 20 miles from the nearest town.

I just hope and pray there is not a rifle or shotgun killing between now and October,or the NDP will have their hot button issue.

Anonymous said...

I am not about to disagree that the gun registry was misguided and ultimately a waste of time and money. But just remember that much of the cost was the software systems and a lot of us can relate to that (if ever there was legalized white collar crime, this is it!). But get this: the Conservatives blew as much money on the 3 days of G8/G20 conferences which were a total waste, with much of the money going to very questionable projects.

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