Friday, July 22, 2011

Increasing mcliar grit desperation

dwight duncan, Ontario's worst finance minister ever, has begun uncontrollable rantings. The mcliar grits are looking increasingly desperate and pathetic. The people of Ontario deserver better than the grits. Change is coming to Ontario. Tim Hudak will be premier on Oct 6, 2011 and Ontarians will try and forget the horrible mcliar years.

Blizzard: Duncan joins fruitcake brigade

Queen's Park - Ontario Politics
If you were placing bets on which Ontario politician would be the first to raise the name of Rupert Murdoch in the context of this province’s economy, Dwight Duncan wouldn’t be top of list.

The Liberals have any number of crazy, off-the-wall fruitcakes who are far more likely to run off at the mouth than he is.

In the past, I’ve jokingly accused the roly-poly finance minister of looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy. But I’ve never thought of him as a fruitcake.

Until now.

His bizarre rant Wednesday about the “right-wing media,” naming the Toronto Sun and papers in our chain as being “intellectually dishonest,” demonstrated he has surely become a fully paid-up member of the lunatic fringe.


Anonymous said...

Anything to avoid talking about debt,job losses, high taxation and high poverty rates etc. is on the table...

Bruce Stewart said...

Take a look at √Čric Grenier's latest seat projections and I think that both this outburst and the very public disagreement between Duncan and McGuinty over equalization earlier in the week start to make sense.

Duncan is likely to keep his seat. McGuinty's is well at risk. He's positioning himself to win the Ontario Liberal Party leadership.

Graham Sproule said...

Don't tell me Duncan was trying to draw a link between Sun Media in Canada and Rupert Murdoch! There is no connection whatsoever except that both are involved in media. As far as I know, Murdoch doesn't own any media companies in Canada since this market is too small and not profitable enough for his global media empire!

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