Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hiring Boom!

More good economic news. Canadian businesses continue to be confident and will continue to hire.Unlike in the USA these days, Canada's recovery continues. The Tories need to continue cutting red tape so businesses can creat job. They need to cut the deficit and cut personal income taxes. The aggressive search for free trade partners will also continue to help our economy, especially as bo's America unfortunately falters.

Despite growing concerns about economic growth south of the border, Canadian businesses still have faith in the recovery and intend to hire more workers over the next 12 months to support prospects for growth and and plans for expansion, a Bank of Canada survey indicated Monday.

The positive stance on employment has reached a record high level among Canadian firms, with 57% of those who participated in the survey now expected to increase employment over the next twelve months versus 50% in the previous survey published in early April.

Companies also indicated more difficulty finding workers than in recent surveys as the percentage of firms reporting that labour shortages are restricting their ability to meet demand moved up.

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