Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Dominion Day

I am sitting in my hotel room in Florence, Italy, thinking of my beloved Canada. I wish you a joyous day celebrating our wonderful country. I can't be on Parliament hill today with TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but I will be there in spirit.
We have much to celebrate in Canada. In Europe I hear constantly of economic meltdown and many other problems. In Canada we have declining unemployment and a strong economic recovery. We have a Strong Stable Majority Government. We have much to be thankful for on top of that!!!!
We are truly blessed. I am an immigrant to Canada. I am truly grateful for all this land has done for me and my family.


God Save Our Queen and Heaven bless The Maple Leaf Forever!!!


Rick Thomson said...

Finally, someone who refers to the First of July by its proper name, I grew up with Dominion Day, and Canada just grates on my nerves. Have a good time in Firenze, it's a lovely city.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr Roy. We miss you! Hoping you are having a safe and happy time in Italy. I caught some of Canada Day and the Royals on Sun TV this morning. Fantastic! Happy Dominion Day! God Bless Canada and Dr Roy!

DrRoy Toronto Fan

Winston said...

Same to you Dr. Roy

rob from ottawa. said...

Canada Day and a wear RED FRIDAY,with the Prince and his Gorgeous Princess in town to help us celebrate 144 years as a nation.
Life is GOOD.
HAPPY CANADA DAY to all my friends.
May the Lord shine brightly on MY Prime Minister and his wife and family on this most special day as We host the Prince and his bride on their first ( but not their last ) visit to MY country.

Sean M said...

Happy Dominion Day to you Dr. Roy, and all my fellow Canadians at home and abroad. God Bless Canada.

I Support Lord Black