Friday, July 01, 2011

A grit/socialist refugee bashes the Tories

The arrogance of the grits/socialists really has no end. Gerald Caplan has written a rather silly article basically saying Canadians are stupid and shouldn't have voted Tory or for Mayor Ford and they should throw out mcliar. democracy seems to be such a problem fir the grits. Apparently unless you vote for the arrogant lying stealing grits you are not smart.Keep it up grits, this should make your party disappear even faster. And by the way Gerry, Tim Hudak will throw the Ontario grits October 6, 2011. There will be ever more unemployed grits gnashing their teeth and holding their breath until they turn blue. It really is a great Dominion Day.

We know what the Egyptians, or at least their head honcho Pharaoh, did to attract the wrath of G-d. He wouldn’t let His people go. But everyone paid the awful price – those ten vile plagues culminating in the genocidal murder of all Egyptian first-born.

But what have Canadians done to evoke the wrath of the heavens? What have Ontarians done? Or poor Hogtowners? Though it’s our pharaohs who sin, only regular folks pay the price. It’s a trifecta, folks. Harper the asbestos killer in Ottawa, Ford the city-wrecker in Toronto, and, come October 6, very likely Hudak the math-challenged in Ontario. Won’t we be in a pretty pickle then? What have ordinary people done to deserve this plague of right-wing Conservatives? Equally mysterious, why have so many ordinary folks supported them?


fernstalbert said...

My goodness - what an unfortunate morality tale Mr. Caplan weaves. In this corner, we have the Canadian ruling elites (Pharoah and his bureaucrats) - in the other corner, the unwashed, brutally taxed slaves (Canadian public) - unfortunately for the entrenched, big governemnt types, the population is revolting (on so many levels - lol) and wants to be free. Happy Canada Day!!!

Anonymous said...

The bewilderment of the Grits is indeed astounding.
People are voting for far better Government then they ever offered.
The gob-smacked swan hands interpetive dancers simply can't believe that we don't want to pay for their "sacrifices"? Or their faux art.
Get a paper route sweetie, pick up pop bottles, get a life.
Rob Ford has not only left the building , the big guy has gone to the cottage. Get over it, who in their right (hee hee) mind would stay in TO to watch a bunch of middle aged weeny waggers "celebrate" what?
Cheers Bubba

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