Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Explaining the Monarchy to Children

A lovely new book for children about Our Sovereign Lady. I hope it is widely distributed throughout the Dominions as well.

Does the Queen Wear Her Crown In Bed? Her Majesty to bring out first children's book to answer favorite questions

The Queen is bringing out her first children’s book to help answer some of the burning issues youngsters have always wanted to ask her.
Entitled Does the Queen Wear Her Crown In Bed? the colourful 32-page paperback features a pair of inquisitive cartoon children, accompanied by a footman and one of her corgis, as they explore Buckingham Palace and its surroundings.
The charming paperback title explains what youngsters should do when they meet the monarch: men and boys should bow their heads while women and girls curtsey. You should start by calling her Your Majesty then use Ma’am – to rhyme with jam – for the rest of the conversation.


Anonymous said...

I wonder, will she have a chapter explaining why the only reason she and her family are where they are is because one of their ancestors was big and strong enough to kill the next-biggest and strongest schmoe in line for the job, or because one of their ancestors managed to lie, cheat, and steal their way into the job?

ericfromnewyork said...

I am an American citizen, and a republican with both a big and small "R." Even so, I find anonymous comment #1, churlish, juvenile, and inappropriate.
First of all, everybody is where they are because big, strong (and probably better) men and women came before them and prevailed against other conceivable options.
Secondly, a monarchy is the system you have, and, while it is, it is appropriate to support children in a decent relationship with the national institutions you have. To say that anonymous' rhetorical question is quite outside the laudable purpose of this children's book would be putting it mildly.

Mark S. said...

Anon: Yes, it was a random twist that HM The Queen is our Sovereign. And yes, this had to do with some ancestral violence and smart politicking.

But nobody can deny that in nearly 1000 years the system has by-and-large worked very well.
Today, HM the Queen is a model ‘public servant’. She did not ask for this job, but to say she has performed it admirably would be a gross understatement. Personally, I wouldn't want it any other way.

been around the block said...

Anon, what a useless comment. I wonder if your mother's old boyfriend will explain that the only reason you were born is because he dumped her and she met your father a few weeks later?

The history of every nation is that the smartest, biggest, richest, most technologically savvy person/group took hold of the reins of power: What's your beef?

'Ya think you can change human nature?

We're blessed that Elizabeth Regina is such a competent, knowledgeable, hard-working, and diligent monarch -- and as Mark S. points out, " ... the system has by-and-large [has] worked very well."

Long live our gracious Queen!

(And, quit your complaining.)

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