Friday, July 08, 2011

The Enduring Crown

The Royal Tour of TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has been an extraordinary success. Canada has gotten international attention. Many regions of Canada will get many more tourists. As HM PM has said TRH are. "our unbreakable link with our past and our unqualified optimism for the future." It has been an extraordinary outpouring of affection and joy for TRH. As one editorial writer puts it the Monarchy is in good hands. And this from my friend Licia Corbella.
HM PM Sir John A. Macdonald told HLIM Queen Victoria that he hoped the Great Dominion "to live under the sovereignty of Your Majesty and your family for ever." Royal Homecomings cement these ancient links to our history and future. I look forward to HM the Queen's Homecoming next year for HM's Diamond Jubilee.


Purple_Judge said...

Do you mean the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge?

Anonymous said...

to those naysayers who feel that we should have cut all ties to the royals, these are not just regular people, they are as was said a link to our history and serve as a rallying point for cooperation and freedom of our way of life.
i dont like spending taxmoney on fruitless endeavours but this is not one of them.

Joe said...

Their tour started out kind of 'bread and circus' amusing and they hit the high note of their tour with a visit to Slave Lake. However when they didn't don the Calgary White Hat when first given one it was past time for them to go home. If we are expected to honour their traditions then they had better honour our traditions. In Calgary there is no greater honour than receiving the White Hat. Proper protocol is when you receive it you put it on. If you can't do that then please don't let the airplane door hit you on the butt on your way out of town.

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