Saturday, July 16, 2011

Donny and Marie in Toronto

Donny Doll made by Marie

 Dancap productions has brought Donny and Marie to Toronto, from their smash Vegas show, for a limited two week run! I saw Donny Osmond as Joseph 3 times while he was in Toronto. I also watched the Donny and Marie Show on TV and loved the Osmond brother.s Donny and Marie have been entertaining for almost 50 years!
It was a glitzy, sometimes schmaltzy show but I had a lot of fun. There are a lot of middle aged ladies who adore Donny. Some had been coming nightly to the show, but no one threw their underwear. There was a contingent of Danish Ladies who led the audience in songs when the performance was delayed.
There was a lot of nostalgia and even new stuff!. Donny and Marie have released their first album in >30 years!
THe show was fun and I attended a meet and greet with Donny after the show. Unfortunately Marie was feeling unwell and I didn't get to meet her. It was a rollicking fun evening.
 Lots of media attention.


Anonymous said...

I was there also. Did the meet and greet and met Donny.He spent a minute with each person talking getting a picture taken and signing autographs. THe music industry has written Donny and Marie off but when I compared last nights concert to the stars of today, D & M still have more then whats hot artist today have. Id have to say that was one of the best concerts ever. With Marie not singing but still dancing on stage, shows their work ethic that the show must go on. Best was Donny doing Paper roses. He sang and danced solo most of the show. Shows how athletic and in shape he is. a 5 Star show.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you think it is work good work ethic to rip people off. I was also there and do not appreciate getting 1/2 of what I paid for. I paid for Donny AND Marie, not the Donny show. The show started 20 minutes late, ended 20 minutes early and the intermission was longer that it should have been. I didn't get my moneys worth and will be looking for compensation.,

Gabrielle said...

I'm with you anonymous. The july 16 show was a total rip off. If Marie was not able to perform they should have cancelled and given us a refund. I'm writing to the production company about this.

Anonymous said...

Re: Donny and Marie July 16 2011 Show (aka Donny show) - If you purchased your tickets through Dancap, you can call and either get a 50% refund of your ticket purchase or tickets to another show. Thank you to Dancap for doing the responsible thing.

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