Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The desperate Ontario grits

The signs of impending doom for mcliar and his friends are everywhere. Christina Blizzard summarizes the most recent ones. She forgot to mention the recent Ontario grit conclave where the panicked activists were told everything is fine. wonder if the grit spin doctors sang them soothing songs or gave them Teddy bears.
It is not time to stop working, remember the mcliar union lackeys have extorted $6 million from their members in order to try and keep the profligate grits in power. I urge all my Ontario friends to donate, volunteer and votefor the provincial Tories.

Political quiz: You know a party is in trouble when:

(a) Cabinet ministers blame the media for their poor showing in the polls;

(b) They start raking up toxic issues — such as abortion — to distract voters from more relevant issues;

(c) Ambitious members of the ruling party start positioning themselves to replace their leader when the inevitable happens and the party is defeated.

When all those things happen within one week, you can only conclude internal Liberal polling is showing more disastrous numbers than have so far been reported.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget McGuinty's embarrassing display at the first ministers meeting.

Whether it is debt,unemployment,e-helth, Caledonia,tax grabs,hydro rates,eco-fees or the HST etc. Mcguinty changes the subject.

I Support Lord Black