Saturday, July 30, 2011

@CarrieFFisher: Wishful Drinking

This is been a weekend about mental illness. I went to see the Mirvish production of Carrie Fisher's Wishful Drinking. I is basically an autobiography. I usually sit in the third or fourth row on the aisle. I used ti sit in the front row at hows, but it sometimes got me into trouble at comedy shows. Well during this show Carrie Fisher asked if we had any questions about her having had her friend die in her bed, six years ago. I asked about the autopsy and she asked my name. When she found out it was Roy, she said she calls her manic mood Roy (and her depressed mood Pam). She referred to me several times during the first part of the show and finally had me on stage ( my stage premiere at the Royal Alexandra Theater) to see if her life sized Princess Leia doll would respond to my penis ( she wanted to see if the doll was straight). She asked me to show my penis. I demurely  declined. She asked me to approach the doll. The doll was not attracted to me. It pulled away.  She then had me wear a Princess Leia wig and announce that during intermission I would sign autographs in the lobby. She then took me back stage and we had a chat ( I reminded her of her visit to my friends at the Bermuda Film Festival) and her assistant took a picture of us. After the intermission, during which several people came up and said hello and congratulations, she gave me an autographed package of Penis Pasta and I kissed her on the cheek.
Carrie Fisher is a very funny woman with a complicated past.  As you can tell from the anecdote above, the show was not for children.She talked about her family, her career, her 12 year relationship with Paul Simon, her gay husband , her addictions and her mental illness as if the the 1000 people in the audience were friends in her living room. She told us she had recently had electro convulsive therapy. Like I said it was a mental health weekend. Besides her several anti GOP jokes, she was utterly charming and hilarious. It was a wonderful show. It was also an HBO special. You should see it if you ever have the chance.

For my other Roy not my mood Thank you love Carrie Fisher

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been around the block said...

I like Carrie Fisher, a lot.

What a life! I'm amazed she's as sane and articulate as she is. But funny. She's all funny! I love listening to her.

For someone who's been a drug addict (and, I assume, an alcoholic), she's got her wits about her. I figure she must have a squadron of guardian angels. One wouldn't be enough.

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