Saturday, July 16, 2011

Captain Ahab

I wrote a letter to the Winnipeg Free Press about frances russell's latest anti Tory , anti Harper column. russell really is obsessed.

Russell 'obsessed'
Triumphal pride now invites a fall later (July 13) is another column from Frances Russell berating the prime minister. She is genuinely obsessed. I guess we will have to call her Captain Ahab.
Russell and the rest of her left-wing friends will just have to get used to the fact that there will be a strong and stable Tory majority government until October 2015.
In fact, Stephen Harper has every right to congratulate the Tory team on a huge win. Remember, it has been only six weeks since the election. At the convention, he told the Tory faithful that we would have to work hard to keep the trust of Canadians. He said that we should never refer to ourselves as the "natural governing party."
What he did say in Calgary is that Canada is tired of the Grits and their day is done. That is the opinion of many columnists and, unfortunately for Russell and her friends, it is also the opinion of many, many Canadians.
Roy Eappen


Winston said...

Shame on the MSM

Anonymous said...

Most of Russell's columns are quotes from other people. She searches the net, finds out the negative things people say about Harper and then spins them into her columns of maliciousness. I don't think she has a fresh thought in her own head.

canadianna said...

What bothers me is that when she quotes Harper talking about Canadian values, she captializes the Conservative, making it read that the Conservative Party's values are Canadian values. I could be wrong, but I think Harper was speaking more broadly, and that he actually meant *c*onservative values are Canadian values.

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