Saturday, July 23, 2011

caplan is pretty funny

gerald caplan noted leftist spend another column randomly attacking fellow conservatives around the world, while damning HM PM Harper with faint praise. I am sure that HM PM Cameron, President Sarkozy and Our GOP friends will never read what this loon has written, but if they do I am sure they will just laugh. caplan is indeed a joke. One wonders why the mop and pail publishes such garbage.

Nothing makes me appreciate Stephen Harper more than the moral corruption that characterize political life in the nations to which Canada is closest: the U.S., Britain and France. Last week I wrote about the bizarrely amoral world of French socialism, but failed to point out how much better the left still were than France's conservatives, including the erratic, hyper fellow who is now president.

Then there’s the Britain. What should be clear by now is that Rupert Murdoch has actually owned the British government all the way back to Margaret Thatcher, his soul sister. That influence is what he brazenly demands in return for the backing of his papers that every British leader has sold his soul for. It’s not just that he’s been able, until this month, to build his hegemonic media empire unimpeded by the normal regulatory obstacles. It’s been far more sinister.

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Anonymous said...

It was just another rediculous article from "the angry old man". However, I really enjoyed this comment following the article. It made me laugh but,alas, it is just so true.

J Q Public Canadian
4:41 PM on July 22, 2011

Usual liberal anti Harper tripe, nothing surprising. If Harper raised the dead today, Caplin and his ilk would bemoan lost cemetary and undertaker jobs. But he right about one thing, Prime Minister Harper is the best thing Canada has had in many, many years and compared to other countries his leadership is downright luminary. As to"plays to his base" rhetoric, nobody objects to Liberal and NDP doing it. So quit the "oh he's so evil" BS and grow up.

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