Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The anti human left

This article is truly anti human. The Beckhams can afford 4 children and they have every right to have as many children as they can afford! The left wants to control every aspect of your life. I guess they wanted Victoria Beckham to have an abortion. The left is a threat to fundamental liberty. They are using their environmental activism to try and control all aspects of our lives. The left yearns for the one child policies of communist China. They really are environmentostalinists.

David and Victoria Beckham may have been overjoyed to welcome their new daughter, Harper Seven, last week but, according to a growing group of campaigners, the birth of their fourth child make the couple bad role models and environmentally irresponsible.

As the world's population is due to hit seven billion at some point in the next few days, there is an increasing call for the UK to open a public debate about how many children people have.

Now the Green MP, Caroline Lucas, has joined other leading environmentalists in calling for the smashing of what TV zoologist Sir David Attenborough has called the "absurd taboo" in discussing family size in the UK.

Lucas said: "We need to have a far greater public debate about population, whether it focuses on improving family planning or reducing global inequality – and looking again at how we address the strain on our natural resources. The absence of an open and honest discussion about this issue means most people don't give much thought to the scale of global population growth in recent years. In 1930, just one or two generations ago, the world's population stood at around two billion. Today it is around seven billion, and by 2050 it is projected to rise by a third to 9 billion.


Marc said...

I agree wholeheartedly with you Dr Roy. Whether it be under the guise of environmentalism, health and safety, social justice, affirmative action, etc. The main goal of the left is and always will be control. A majority of us have repeatedly rejected their program at the ballot box so they're trying to back door us through the courts, regulatory bodies and academia. The more you expose it, the more people will hopefully realize it.

L said...

The problem is today that the losers are having children. This family should be.

Anonymous said...

What a sad state our world is in, when abortion is OK and giving life is considered selfish. If the enviro-whackos were really worried about the environment as much as they claimed, wouldn't they have committed suicide by now?

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