Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It is a terrible, terrible thing to watch a person destroy themselves ,and often those around them, with addictive substances. There have been many attempts to medicalize addiction and there is good evidence that there are genetic traits that make addiction more likely, however that is only part of the story. There are many people that overcome addiction.
One of the reasons that I had long supported the war on drugs is in my work I have watched many people destroy themselves in this way. I thought legalizing these addictive substances would increase human misery at state expense. I am gradually beginning to think that the war on drugs is not working. I have still not wrapped my head around legalizing all drugs but I have come to the conclusion that the Portuguese solution is a viable option. Though I do have problems with Insite and needle exchange programs. I find it weird that the State is a drug enabler. I think I am hanging out with too many libertarians:).

Could Amy Winehouse Have Been Saved?
Posted Sun Jul 24, 2011 4:08pm PDT by Chris Willman in Stop The Presses!
Who, if anyone, could have saved Amy Winehouse?

The question always arises after any drug-related celebrity death about whether the star was surrounded by sycophants and enablers who ignored health risks to keep their meal ticket in motion. But we may never have seen a celebrity case as extreme as Winehouse's: The last four to five years of her life represented as extended and public a trainwreck as pop culture has ever witnessed. This was not a Heath Ledger, whose problems were kept largely under wraps, tipped only by suspiciously heavy-lidded interviews, but a superstar who seemed to openly court disaster for a shambolic half-decade, regardless of whether she was being enabled or shamed.

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