Thursday, June 23, 2011

Whiny lizzie may

So the federal government is cutting government departments. Lizzie may is upset, I say cut !cut!cut! We have a big deficit and we need to cut all kinds of useless government programs. climate hoax spending should be first on that list. All advocacy spending should also be cut. cut SOW, privatize Canada Post and the CBC. Why are so called NGOs funded with tax dollars?.Major cuts should me made to cida. if we really want to help poor countries, get rid of supply management and dropo all tariffs on goods coming from the poorest 25 Commonwealth countries. It is my dream to turn the Commonwealth into a massive free trade zone. We see the first steps from HM Minister of Finance towards flattening the income tax. We need to switch to a flat tax. Cut corporate welfare. HM Canadaian government must ignore the Canada health act and allow provinces the freedom to experiment on what does and doesn't work in healthcare.

Ms. May, who spoke to The Globe after holding a news conference Wednesday, is referring to 46 scientists in the climate-research area – all term employees – who were recently given their one-month notice.

The federal government is on a cost-cutting exercise, trying to identify areas where savings can be made in the hopes of saving $4 billion annually. But Ms. May says particular this staff reduction goes too far.

“If you are looking to make cuts in the federal civil service I would be the last one to say that you couldn’t find places you could cut that didn’t absolutely cripple programs,” Ms. May said. “But removing all the term scientists from important research in climate?”


oxygentax said...

Just out of curiosity, I would like Liz to articulate what these scientists are saying that 2000 other scientists worldwide aren't saying just as well.

Anonymous said...

And let's get rid of the nasty screwU lightbulbs that are pushed upon us.

Kaffir_Kanuck said...

Hey Doc! Thanks again for your support overseas.

Ref topic. Cuts here, but waste there:

L said...

Yes, give me back my ligh bulbs and kudos to the gov't for not having Environment Canada doing research on AGW. Keep the cuts to NGOs coming, as we do not need any of this funding with my tax $$.

Winston said...

She is an idiot

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