Friday, June 10, 2011

Tory Convention Day 1

It has been an amazing day. It has been wonderful to see so manyriends, readers and MPs and senators. I watched as HM PM Harper registered for the convention while being cheered as a rock star.
The opening ceremonies were spectacular. Thousands of Tories cheered A stable national Tory majority. We did not tire if hearing those words. Great speeches by Senator Wallin ( who has a future in stand up), HM Minister if Foreign Affairs John Baird and of course my favorite HM Minister of Citizenship Jason Kenney.
Stockwell Day ended the evening with a very moving speech , interuoted by his lovely wife Val, who dressed in the white gloves if a page and held up a we love Harper sign !!! There were also great performances by Senators Demers and Duffy, HM Minister of Defense Peter mAckay and HM Minister Steve Blaney.
A fantastic start to a great convention. I have been interviews by both SRC and the Hill Times. They all seemed desperate to find discord. The party us united!! We will discuss and debate but we will leave united.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great update! It must be a really electric atmosphere - I havent been to a national convention since the late 80's - and have really great memories. Soak up the celebratory atmosphere and please keep us unfortunate stay at homes informed.

Jen said...

Yes Dr Roy,we want some photos as well. thanks.

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