Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tories still have huge lead

A post election Nanos poll shows continued support for the Tories and the grits in third place with bob Rae. So the ignorant page girl and her friends should not that support is growing for the Tories. Guess she should move to a true democracy like north Korea or cuba, where she and her ilk would be truly feel at home.

Not being in the media spotlight day after day, as he was during the election campaign, has contributed to a slide in how Canadians view NDP Leader Jack Layton’s leadership skills.

And having Bob Rae take over the reigns as Liberal Leader hasn’t done anything for Grit party fortunes.

The poll, released Monday and conducted by Nanos Research, shows that just a few weeks after the May 2 general election, the Prime Minister and his Conservatives have 41.8-per-cent support compared to 28 per cent for Mr. Layton and the NDP – a 14-point lead.

“For a non-election cycle, this is among the highest levels of support registered since 2002 for the Conservatives,” observed Nik Nanos, president of Nanos Research.

The Liberals are at 22.3 per cent, the Green Party, with its sole MP Elizabeth May, is at 3.7 per cent and the Bloc has 3.4-per-cent support nationally.

In addition, the Prime Minister’s leadership indicators are strong.

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hunter said...

Lizzie May has killed the greens to get elected, what a piece of work she is.

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