Saturday, June 25, 2011


I am saddened that Lord Black is going back to prison. The whole case is ridiculous. It is a blot on US justice.
As I have said before this case has made me very wary of US justice. I believe jail should be for violent criminals. These issues are civil matters. This accomplishes nothing but increases the shadenfreude of this jealous of Lord Black's myriad accomplishments. The whole trial and sentencing has been a farce. US prosecutors are no longer interested in justice but in head hunting. Lord Black will survive this ordeal and his book on these matters I'm told will be pretty eye popping. I pray for Lord Black and his family and true friends at this difficult time.
Conrad Black is going back to prison.

Judge Amy St. Eve on Friday sentenced Lord Black to a total of 42 months. Having already served 29 months, he must now go back to jail for about one more year.

"I still scratch my head as to why you engaged in this conduct," Chicago Judge St. Eve said. "Good luck to you."

His wife, Barbara Amiel Black collapsed in her seat after the judge read the sentence. She lay on the bench for some time before being helped out of the court room by two men. She struggled to stand upright as she walked out and was clearly upset.

The ruling followed a personal appeal by Lord Black to Judge St. Eve, during which he expressed regret for trusting his long-time business partner David Radler and for not taking more seriously the complaints of shareholders who opposed his governance practices at Hollinger International.

He blamed former U.S Securities and Exchange Commission chairman and special Hollinger investigator Richard Breeden for much of his legal woes, dismissing as "fantastic" many of the allegations in a special report by Mr. Breeden which described his tenure at the company as a "corporate kleptocracy."

Lord Black has sued Mr. Breeden and many former Hollinger officials, accusing them of libeling him in the report. A legal dispute over whether the case should be heard in Canada or the United States is now before the Supreme Court of Canada.

In Chicago, Lord Black's lawyers had argued there is no point sending him back to jail for any more time.

Lord Black “has suffered unmitigated” personal suffering and should be released on time served, lawyer Carol Gurland told Judge St. Eve during a sentencing hearing Friday morning.

Ms. Gurland went on for some time discussing Lord Black's good works in prison helping other inmates as well as his charitable work.

She also read from letters submitted by family and friends. And she noted Lord Black has serious health issues as does Ms. Black.

Judge St. Eve had been considering a sentence of between 51 and 63 months. Lord Black has already served 29 months of an original 78 month sentence for three counts of fraud an one for obstruction of justice. However two fraud charges were reversed on appeal.


NB Tory Gal said...

I was going to send encouraging correspondence to Mr. Black the first I am going to definitely find out the address for him when incarcerated and send cheery notes-of course he may or may not receive them...I hope others do too..I will post his address-remind me someone if I do not..but he has six weeks to get his affairs together...

been around the block said...

I see no reason why Lord Black should be sent back to jail except for sheer vindictiveness. He's served enough time and his health is not good.

When I think of the misdeeds of his enemies in the Liberal Party of Canada, most of whom have managed to spend winters in the lap of luxury in Florida and other destinations of choice, my blood boils.

Skinny in Toronto said...

But he was guilty of a crime. Period. Of course he should do his time!

I find it hypocritical that a conservative would make an exception for this criminal.

I Support Lord Black