Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A Quebec Analysis by Jon Kay

I think this is a pretty good summary of the fate of the pq. I have every wish that this party follow the bloq into the mists of history.

By the measure of longevity, the Parti Québécois has been a success: It will turn 43 in November. But revolutionary movements such as the PQ do not seek survival. They seek extinction through victory. As with religious millenarians whose rapture never comes, the continued survival of the PQ sect has become a source of awkwardness, even embarrassment, for the faithful.

The onset of middle age has caused the PQ to become divided into institutional and revolutionary constituencies. On one hand are the democratic-minded functionaries who want to build a big tent and win elections. On the other are the uncompromising, old-school “shouting sign painters” with still-vivid memories of René Lévesque and ongoing fantasies of the victorious referendum that’s just around the corner. At times, these two camps go to war. And this week is one of those times.

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fernstalbert said...

Could this be a stealth move by Duceppe? Cheers.

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