Sunday, June 05, 2011

Prof Mansur on palestinian state

Prof Mansur correctly points out the Arabs are the authours of most of their own misery. he asks why the palestinians deserve a state.

Recently Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian National Authority, took to the pages of The New York Times with a plea for “The Long Overdue Palestinian State.”

He recalled how, as a 13-year old, he fled with his family from the Galilean city of Safed for safety to Syria following the UN partition of Palestine and the establishment of modern Israel.

Abbas’ Times column is instructive for what is not mentioned even more than what is stated.

He recalls the “nakba” (or catastrophe) of Palestinian loss in 1948. This is the preferred Arab narrative in which Palestinians are victims of western powers and Zionist Jews through the agency of the UN.

Palestinians cannot, and will not, acknowledge that what occurred in 1947-48 came about as a result of the catastrophic miscalculation on the part of their leadership and Arab states.

For 30 years prior to the November 1947 UN vote, Palestinians and other Arabs refused to accept the idea of making allowance for Jews in their midst as set forth in Britain’s Balfour Declaration.

This long standing refusal found expression in their rejection of the UN partition plan, and within a few hours of Israel’s independence in May 1948, Arab armies invaded the Jewish state.

Those who plan war and initiate it must know there are consequences both in victory and in defeat.

There is no mistaking what Palestinian and Arab rejectionism of the UN plan meant.

An Arab victory in 1948 would have meant the liquidation of Jewish presence in Palestine.

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