Thursday, June 23, 2011

No to legault!!!

It is no secret that I support the ADQ in Quebec. The ADQ is the only center right alternative in Quebec. ADQ is not interested in referenda to destroy Canada, my beloved Canada. In the last few weeks we have watched as the PQ , well on their way to victory, destroy itself. It is a joy to watch for federalists. The latest polls have support for the no side in any referendum at 62%. The ADQ sits at 17% . the charest liberals are back in the lead. Then there is Francois legault's imaginary party. There is much talk that he wants to merge with ( take over) the ADQ. I completely oppose this. Legault is center left, hep rejects all the ideas of the group I co founded worth my friends, the RLQ. He wants more state, more taxes and opposes more private sector activity in government areas. I hope my ADQ friends will stay strong and reject this potential merger.
I have a feeling legault will self implode. His ideas and the man himself seem timid and without foundation. Legault policies are pq or grit policies. He is not a change, but more of the same nanny state with a different name. He is no da Ilya for Quebec and indeed will continue to dig the hole that successive pq and plq governments have dug since the revolution tranquille.
The ADQ has a lot of potential to make a real difference and return Quebec to fiscal solvency and responsibility. I hope the leaders of the ADq stay strong and continue on the path taken by their delegates at the last general assembly. More freedom and less government should the cry of the ADQ!!! Join the RLQ and if you are a member of the ADQ let them know you oppose the takeover of the ADQ by legault and the forces of the left.

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