Monday, June 20, 2011

The nasty left in the UK

Heather malice seems to have nasty leftist friends in the UK as well. the red star counterpart in the UK the guardian has also used malice's vile prose. The article accurately concludes that the hatred of malice and her friends is more self reflection than anything having to do with thoughtful analysis. It is why it is hard to take them very seriously.

By Matthew Barrett

There are many forces inside and connected with the Labour Party that are discouraging modernisation. The unions. The lack of private sector voices in the parliamentary party. And, the subject of this post, the Left-wing pundits.

There is a thoughtful centre left commentariat but there is a much bigger section of left-wing opinion which relentlessly plays to the Guardian-reading gallery. It never challenges the prejudices of its readers. It never questions left-wing conventional wisdom. It demonises the Conservatives, attempts to frighten the poor and excuses violent protest.

In 2009, in characteristic, crowd-pleasing style, Polly Toynbee advised the doomed Labour government to finish what it had started and wreck the economy for good...

"Go for broke – we're broke already."

Yes, she admitted Britain was broke but now is in deficit denial...

"Nail down the minimum wage by pegging it in perpetuity to average earnings, plus some, improving every year. Chase corporate tax dodgers with the same vigour they chase small-time benefit cheats - and put up posters in City wine bars to say so."

Below are some of the more recent examples of the crowd-pleasing Left in action. It's far from a comprehensive list. I spent a working day trawling through mainstream left-wing newspapers and magazines. If I had delved into the Left-wing blogosphere there's much, much worse. With more time I fear I could have found many more examples of the hateful Left. Before you start reading, take a deep breath. It's ugly.


Patrick Ross said...

I agree. There's something particularly vile about the looniest of the British far-left that I find deeply disconcerting.

Sadly, it seems to be leeching into mainstream Labour. Ed Miliband being photographed with a Labour council candidate (who actually won) wearing a T-shirt declaring that trade unionists would dance on Margaret Tatcher's grave was a little alarming.

Winston said...

Britain is done for.

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